Traffic information

19.06.2018 12:32

Traffic restirction in Hungary

Dear partner, We would like to inform you, that according to the MAV's notice, due to software failure of the signal box on the line section between Kelenfold and Szekesfehrver stations for the safety of rail and road traffic line capacity restric...
12.06.2018 09:35

Announced strike of shunting personnel

Dear partner, We would like to inform you about strike of shunting personnel on station Ljubljana Zalog  which will be today between 10:00 and 14:00. Official information is available only in Slovenian language - attached. Best regards, Adria komb...
11.06.2018 10:31

Rail accident at temrinal Bilk(Budapest)

Dear, Hereby we would like to inform you, that during the night railway operating accident happend on the Terminal. Rail service is temporarily suspended. The terminal service is expected to be restored early in the afternoon. Thank you for your k...
08.06.2018 07:52

Notice of the director of SŽ-Tovorni promet and the Director General of Slovenske

Dear partners, In the attachment, you can read a notification from the director of the SŽ-freight transport about the announced strike of the railway workers union of Slovenia in June and July 2018. Strike can lead to a domino effect (problems due...
06.06.2018 09:23

Failure of cranes on KT Maribor Tezno

Dear, We would like to inform you that manipulations on KT Maribor Tezno are stopped due to failure of both container manipulators. Slovenian railways are trying to repair failure in the shortest possible time so that terminal operations restarts....
28.05.2018 08:23

Larger closures on Slovenian railway network in June 2018

Dear partners, Due to urgent construction works, the  following closures will be performed on sections: Divača – Koper: On 04.06.2018 total closure of the track from 09.00 to 17.00 hours Ljubljana-Jesenice: On 10.06.2018 total closure of the track...
24.05.2018 08:35

Maintenance of reach stacker on terminal Ljubljana

Dear partner, We would like to inform you about regular maintenance of reach stacker on terminal Ljubljana that will held from 24.5.2018 to 29.5.2018. During maintenance, manipulations of intermodal transport units(ITU) will be disturbed. Only por...
17.05.2018 10:35

Maintenence work in Hungary

Dear all, From Slovenia railways we received below information: We have been notified by the manager of the public railway infrastructure that, due to construction works on the Hungarian railway network, the following line closures will take place...
16.05.2018 13:41

Regular maintenence of the container manipulator on terminal Celje

Dear, We are informing you that regular maintenance work on the container manipulator in terminal Celje will take place on May 22, 2018 between 9am and 4pm. Manipulations of intermodal units will not be possible during maintenance. We kindly ask y...
11.05.2018 08:06

Stopped rail transport through station Poljčane

Dear partners, Yesterday on 10.5.2018 between 17:06 and 22:50 was rail transport completely stopped in both direction via station Poljčane due to the discovery of an unexploded bomb. Above event has major effect on rail freight transport; therefor...
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