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20.04.2018 08:33

An incident between the stations Sava and Zagorje

Dear, From Slovenian Railways we received bellow information about yesterday incident : We are informing you that due to an incident between the stations Sava – Zagorje  the freight traffic on the line Ljubljana – Zidani Most is blocked from 04:50...
20.04.2018 08:16

Problems with IT system on Container Terminal in port Koper

Dear business partners, we have encountered problems with our IT system on Container Terminal, so all manipulations have been stopped. Official information can be read here.. Best regards, Adria Kombi, operations
17.04.2018 09:28

An incident in Austria 1. update

Dear partners, Complete closure of border crossing Špilje is estimated till Friday 20.4.2018. The reason for complete closure is derailment of train with fuel. Because of above closure, trains will be redirected to alternative border crossing, whi...
17.04.2018 09:27

An incident in Austria

Dear partners, We would like to inform you about an extraordinary event on Austrian railways. Rail transport through the border crossing of Špilje is blocked from 1:17 h Adria kombi, operations
11.04.2018 14:10

Working hours of port Koper during Labour Day holidays

Dear partners, Working hours of port Koper during Labour Day holidays will be as follows: 30th April 2018 –all three shifts will work (end of 3rd shift is at 6:00am on the 1st of May) 1st May 2018- port Koper is closed 2nd May 2018 – all three shi...
04.04.2018 12:37

Construction works on station Bratislava UNS

Dear partners, Because of reconstruction of the railway station Bratislava UNS (BA UNS), the capacity and permeability of the railways on this section will be greatly reduced. Construction works will take place from 3.4.2018 to 19.6.2018 We expect...
28.03.2018 12:27

Larger closures on Slovenian railway network in April 2018

Dear partners, Due to urgent construction works, the  following closures will be performed on sections: Divača – Koper: On 02.04.2018 total closure of the track from 09.00 to 16.00 hours On 16.04.2018 total closure of the track from 09.00 to 16.00...
28.03.2018 11:09

Delays in rail transport on Slovenian network

Dear business partner, Attached official notice from Slovenian Railways- infrastructure and the letter by the director of the company SŽ-Tovorni promet about the obstacles in cargo transports due to the modernisation of the public railway infrastr...
28.03.2018 08:26

Maintenance of reach stacker on terminal Ljubljana

Dear partner, We would like to inform you about regular maintenance of reach stacker on terminal Ljubljana that will held on Thursday 29.3.2018. During maintenance manipulations of intermodal transport units(ITU) will be disturbed. Only portal cra...
26.03.2018 08:17

Today's closures on Slovenian railways network

Dear partner, Slovenian railways announced bellow closures for today 26.3.2018: Complete closure of Koper-Divača section from 9:00 to 15:00 Rakek-Postojna left track from 7:50 to 14:50 Rakek-Postojna right track from 8:25 to 14:25 Slovenska Bistri...
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