17.03.2018 14:28

Presentations of a new product Bavaria Express

Dear Partners, We would like to thank you for participating in the presentation of the new product Bavaria Express (direct train Munich-Koper and v.v.). At your request, we provide you with the below links to each presentations. Adria Kombi Kombiv...
24.02.2018 22:10

NEW Bavaria Express (Koper-München and v.v.)

Adria kombi is introducing new direct line between Koper and Munich.
30.06.2017 12:58

Renewed ECM Certificate of Adria kombi

Adria kombi has successfully renewed the ECM Certificate
09.05.2017 10:55

ADR 2017 and RID 2017

End of transitional period
04.05.2017 11:36

E-agency CT Ljubljana

Dear, We would like to inform you that on Monday 8th of May we will introduce e-agency at container terminal Ljubljana for paperless operation. Following 2 week will be testing period to remedy any shortcomings. After that, the use of e-agency (sc...
11.01.2017 13:05


For CMA CGM, the introduction of intermodal networks—which combine road, river, rail and sea routes in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Africa and Asia—was one of the major projects undertaken over the past few years to offer customers a tur
03.01.2017 11:32

New regulation ADR and RID 2017 in force

Regulations and transitional periode
25.11.2016 12:46

UIRR brochure

At the end of third quarter of this year International union for road-rail combined transport- UIRR has published a brochure
18.11.2016 14:48

Hollidays in Slovenie for 2017

Mind the following hollidays in Slovenia in 2017.
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