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29.03.2023 15:50

Extraordinary event between the stations Lesce Bled - Podnart

Dear partners, From Slovenian Railways we recieved information, that due to an extraordinary event between Lesce Bled and Podnart stations, the traffic of freight trains on the Ljubljana - Jesenice line, in both directions, has been stopped since ... more
28.03.2023 13:28

Lager closures planned on SŽ network

Dear partners, We would like to inform you about larger closures on SŽ network: 1. Slovenska Bistrica – Pragersko, TRAFFIC DISRUPTION, from 8.4. uninterrupted until 12.4.2023. 2. Slovenska Bistrica – Pragersko, from 12.4. uninterrupted until 29.4.... more
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15.04.2022 11:37

Price increase in Hungary

We would like to inform you that the price of traction in Hungary will increase from 1.5.2022 more
28.02.2022 17:45

Urgent notice Koper Port

Dear partners, more
17.12.2021 12:40

Zero-Carbon Combined Transport

No need for scientific Breakthroughs. Zero-Carbon Transport possible today! more
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