Quality and Environment

Quality and Environment Management Policy

The quality and environment management policy is clearly defined and focuses on the future. Our approach of operating in the market puts clients first, is innovative and professionally founded.

The consequent adaptation to the market includes permanent provision of profitable company operations. This ensures the basis for its existence which at the same time represents the basic condition for all subsequent - monetary and non-monetary - goals of the company. The implementation of the specified goal is ensured only if in the field of transport and logistics the adequate »merits« are achieved. Ensuring such merits in the market is generally possible only if based on:

  • the company, its organisation as well as transparency and cost effectiveness of the processes,
  • its clients,
  • its selected suppliers,
  • its satisfied and motivated employees, their knowledge and efforts,
  • basic environmental conditions,
  • as well as dutiful performance of our own services.

The goal of the Adria kombi d.o.o. company is to create sustainable successful potential for its operations, which would keep it ahead of its competitors. In this, not only the aspects of quality, safety and environment are considered but also legal and other adopted requirements.

Our explicit goal is to become the leading player in the market of intermodal transport in all the essential fields of operation of the company regarding focus on clients, quality, safety and environmental aspects, therefore:

  • the required quality of services and adequate attitude towards the environment are implemented by taking preventive measures on time, ensuring all resources and constant training of employees, focal concern and adequate motivation as well as ethical attitude towards all employees,
  • the aspects of environment protection and safety, prevention of pollution as well as constant improvements are important guidelines for planning the operations of the company.
Everything specified above ensures the safety of the environment as well as increase of the quality level of the company operations in all fields.

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